Explicación de las apuestas diferenciadas para apostadores principiantes

A surprising number of people actually struggle to understand the concept of betting on the spread. In reality, however, nothing could be simpler. It’s just that many of the explanations available in books and online tend to offer overly complicated explanations.

The essence of margin betting is this: since margin betting requires the bettor to raise a price higher than that offered by the bookmaker or a price lower than that offered by the bookmaker, everything is It boils down to a simple matter of making your choice based on what you know about the sport you are betting on. In the event that you anticipate that the result will be higher than the quoted price, you will obviously choose to buy. If not, or in other words, if you think the result will be less than the quoted price, you will sell.

Basic description

Having originated somewhere in the early ’90s, spread betting has come full circle. During those early years, rule changes came quickly. But now that a kind of natural position has been fulfilled, the margin betting has practically matured and the rules governing margin betting have been established.

Even today there is a notion that margin betting is an extremely volatile and unpredictable type of bet to engage in. This can certainly be true with certain markets, but likewise, there are other markets much more forgiving of betting on the spread.

Start with small steps

The best way to focus betting on the spread when you’re just starting out is by taking small steps. This means a tiptoe approach with caution.

A practical example of a small step would be to choose a non-volatile market to start with. This could be applying your spread betting prowess to the total number of goals in a soccer match, or even the number of wickets a bowler will take in a test match of cricket.

The initial bets should also be small. Instead of going all-in on a single margin bet, try placing a couple of smaller bets on some games. This is a good way to learn and determine the best way to proceed.

Do your homework

Depender únicamente de un “presentimiento” no le servirá a largo plazo. Pero, de la misma manera, combinar lo que sabes que es verdad (¡porque has investigado, después de todo!) Con lo que sientes en tus entrañas, nunca es una mala manera de hacer las cosas.


Si bien las apuestas deportivas Argentina por una corazonada o simplemente por un sentimiento de soledad son casi siempre una receta para el desastre, también es cierto que una apuesta que, por cualquier razón, no se siente bien, la mayoría de las veces resultará ser una mala apuesta. o simplemente no es la apuesta correcta para usted personalmente.

So the trick is to try to find a couple or more markets that you are comfortable with. Especially as a beginner, there is no point in trying to dominate too many markets in record time. Walking before attempting to run the spread betting race is possibly the best advice you will ever receive.