Tibet Trekking

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Many people in the west think Tibet is like the Jhang Thang - A Desolate, cold, windswept desert on the roof of the world - but an unusually diverse and strikingly beautiful landscapes of snowcapped summits, lush rhododendron and conifer forests, and fertile agricultural valley also lies beyond the Himalayas" wrote Gary McCue in his trekking guide book Trekking in Tibet giving the true picture of Tibet.

As Gary MacCue puts the true picture of Tibet, we believe we do not need to go further to introduce Tibet as a prime adventure and mysterious Trekking destination. We just wish to added that to get the true picture of Tibet, its culture and people you must visit unspoiled region and that is only possible on trek. In this section we have tried to put some short information regarding the various trekking options available in Tibet.
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