Mt Kailash

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Mt. Kailash (22025 ft), the famed holy peak revered by four different religions & regarded as the most sacred pilgrimage destination in Asia is situated in western Tibet. Hindus and Tibetan Buddhist regard Mt. Kailash as the earthly manifestation of Mt. Meru, their spiritual center of universe. For the Jains it is acclaimed as the site where their first prophet achieved enlightenment. For the Bons, it is the site where their founder Sharanab is believed to have descended from the heaven. Just below this holy mountain, sacred Lake Manasarovar is situated which is regarded as important and beautiful as Mt. Kailash. It is believed that a dip in the this holy lake and cricumbulance of Mt. Kailash washes away all the sins that one commits in life . "Shiva Travels Pvt. Ltd.", the pioneer in operating tours/ treks to this holy destination, offers you the opportunity to visit this famed mountain. We have presented some set of itineraries, which explore some of the most beautiful and fascinating locations. If you have any specific plan in mind, please contact us for information, individual/ group journey plan, quotation etc.

In this chapter we have included mainly three itineraries for this holy mountain and lake. We have included 14 days, 19 days and 21 days programs. These tours can also be completed within the span of 13 to 28 days. Please let us know your interest and duration you wish to spend and we will tailor made your program. We will provide you with the very best cost available without compromising in service. For some important information such as clothing, health please visit the end of this section.
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